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Cream 1968 [click for larger image]

Recorded: July- August 1967
September-October 1967
January- February 1968
June 1968

Unlike their first two albums, Wheels of Fire was recorded over a period of months and featured extensive overdubbing.

Wheels Of Fire 1968 [click for larger image]
Polydor 582/3 031/2. 1968 SC 3

In the Studio:
1) White Room
(Bruce- Brown) 4:58
2) Sitting on Top of the World
(Chester Burnett a.k.a Howlin' Wolf) 4:58
3) Passing the Time
(Baker- Taylor) 4:30
4) As You Said
(Bruce-Brown) 4:18
5) Pressed Rat and Warthog
(Baker- Taylor) 3:13
6) Politician
(Bruce-Brown) 4:11
7) Those Were the Days
(Baker- Taylor) 2:54
8) Born Under a Bad Sign
(Jones- Bell) 3:08
9) Deserted Cities of the Heart
(Bruce- Brown) 3:37

Live at the Fillmore:
1) Crossroads
(Robert Johnson) 4:14
2) Spoonful
(Willie Dixon) 16:43
3) Traintime
(Jack Bruce) 7:00
4) Toad
(Ginger Baker) 16:15

Wheels Of Fire 1968 [click for larger image]

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